Monday, February 10, 2020

The Monday-est of Monday's

Yep, It was the Monday-est Monday of all times. A plot twist of a morning that lead to a day of chaos. Started with waking up sick with a cold, and then my car not starting again. This is a new car, my dream car, actually my second dream car, I broke the other one about 4 months ago and it was not repairable. Anyway it was a huge inconvenience in my day, the tow truck said 2-3 hours, and well I had two kids to get to school and myself to get to work, not 2-3 hours to spare, I grinned and bared it and with in 20 minutes a third party tow truck came to my rescue, jumped the car, I got the kids to school each about 20 minutes late and then took the car to the dealer, where under warranty they  replaced my battery.
As I accidently took a photo of myself driving, still not entriely sure how that happened thought I would share it as I have my determined look, cape and special driving glasses on....not my finest morning but at least I can see the humor in it,
Bought my special driving glasses on Saturday, and I love them, best part is my kids did not even notice anything wrong with them, I did get some smiles I as I forgot I was wearing them on Sunday... anyway, special sunglasses for special circumstances....
Day now mostly over and home, safe, a tiny bit of self care, finished my book and once I finish this post, I will have a much needed ice cream is to brighter days ahead....
Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and a Monday rant, may your tea be strong and your Monday be short and sweet.
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