Monday, February 3, 2020

Jenna St. James & Maddy Maddson's Seaside and Homicide

I heard about this book by Jenna St. James and her Step Daughter Maddy Maddson last year and it was on my TBR list, I bought it from last week and quickly felt an enormous amount of excitement for this cozy mystery. It had everything I love in a cozy, great setting, characters and the perfect twist and turns, with an ending that leaves you wanting so badly to read the next. The main characters are young, in their teens and for me this was a refreshing change. There was a great balance of feeling, friendship and fitting in.
When high school seniors, Brynn O'Connell, and her best friend, Peyton Patterson, discover a dead body during the Copper Cove Festival, they had no idea their lives would forever change...for the better. Standing next to the victim is the strange new girl in town, Raven Masters. When Brynn identifies the murder weapon as belonging to her Grams, the three girls set out to prove Granny Winnie is no killer! Brynn and Peyton must learn to set aside their prejudices and trust the quirky new girl. After all, she seems to be an old pro at sleuthing. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the girls get to cut their sleuthing teeth in Raven's cool '66 Fastback Mustang. But when things go from bad to worse for Granny Winnie, Brynn decides to call in her Grams' estranged younger sister, Aggie, a former bounty hunter.

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