Sunday, February 16, 2020

Mismatched Sunday

Sunday Morning and I was recently cleaning and organizing my tea cup collection and as you guessed it its pretty vast. Something I did earlier this week reminded me of how much I enjoy my miss matched sets. This set shown above is mismatched! The cup was a gift from my friend Verna , the saucer is one I had on hand and think I may have the match matter though these look like they belong together.

Some of these treasures I picked up for under $1 each piece at charity shops and thrift stores, who sell the cups for $1 and plates $1 when they are orphaned. This plate was $1 and so was the Moss Rose cup! This is a larger luncheon style plate with an indent for the matching cup! Not a match but now a match!

I have been one to pick up and store or try to match with an existing saucer a cup that is too pretty to pass up, never paying more than $4 and always thrilled with the match.  I was so upset when the cup for the Regal Series cracked when I poured tea in it, but was thrilled to later that day find this lovely cup that coordinated so well I barely missed it, though I did later on purchase at a thrift store another set of Regal Series Pink, so win win for me.

Take a look and a chance on what you might already own or find in your local charity shops! Even Tea Time magazine does posts with mismatched sets that give your tea time a fun and fresh look. Let me know if you try this and I love hearing your success stories.
Thank you for joining me today for this Mismatched Sunday. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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