Sunday, February 2, 2020

May Your Tea Be Strong & Your Lashes Be Long

Happy Sunday and thank you for joining me here today.  I want to take a vanity moment, and share something I found that makes me excited and is one of those things I wish I knew about earlier. I am not normally a vain person, nor am I someone who likes to wear a lot of makeup, however I will say that I used to never leave the house without mascara. I know some swear by lipstick but for me it was always mascara. I don't even want to talk about the 5 different mascaras I currently have in my purse that all promised and did not deliver the results advertised or that I had wanted, even when I combined them. Feeling foolish that I had not tried this before because I was very skeptical, I finally gave magnetic eyeliner with lashes a try.
This is me as I am without mascara, lashes or makeup...
 One magnetic lash...
two..... I am shocked! Even with my shaky hands these look amazing. They even stayed on 6 hours before I had to reapply a tiny bit moire liner.

I paid $19.99 at Walmart for the lash kit. I am really impressed with it. I have paid more thank $140 for lash extensions and unfortunately developed an eye infection right after, causing me so much discomfort. They looked amazing and felt pretty good at the time,  but the drops for my eye infection loosened the glue and they did not last their normal 2.5 weeks. I think these are a really great solution for me. I feel more confident when I have longer lashes and it is something I do for myself. 
For the last few years I have been looking at the lashes of women in my age group, moms in my circles, thinking good lord I am the only one with short lashes what is wrong with me?  I honestly had  no idea about eyelash extensions until three years ago, I just really believed that some were gifted with amazing long eye lashes. My sister Bre introduced me to extensions when I went to visit her and I loved hearing peoples reactions, for the first time in a really long time people seemed to notice me and I heard "wow you look great what did you do?" more thank I heard "Wow you look so tired, you okay?"

So for these little $20 beauties I don't mind indulging my little secret with all of you.  May your lashes be long and your tea be strong this Sunday, thank you for stopping by for a cup of tea and a chat about my eyelash vanity.
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