Monday, December 7, 2015

A Spirited Gift A Swashbuckling Tale A Perfect Read

Last Thursday A Spirited Gift by Joyce and Jim Lavene fell into my hands at a library sale table and what a lively and entertaining read this was!
Taking a break from reading a Christmas Themed cozy was not really what I had planed but it was such a fun read I could not help myself. Then Joyce and Jim's daughter posted a photo on her Facebook page like the one above and it tied everything together quite nicely.
A Spirited Gift is a very cool read, as I was reading it I kept thinking this is such a cool story. I find i am always in for a surprise and a treat in any book or series by Joyce and Jim Lavene and this one was an adventure as much as a mystery, history and present mysteries surround a small town mayor in the middle of a nasty storm. With so much going on in the story it was almost an after thought about the natural disaster that had occurred as the residence grappled with murders and town repairs. Oh and did I mention the Pirate? Only Joyce and Jim Lavene could make me enjoy a good swashbuckling tale in addition to one of their very well written and immensely fun cozy mysteries. If you would like to order a copy for yourself please click here.
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