Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mail Time Musings And A Cycle Path Mystery Series I Am Excited About!

I was so thrilled to get mail yesterday, actually the act of getting mail is truly something I look forward too and in this busy time of year I am amazed at the energy and kindness of so many wonderful friends. Author Duffy Brown put out an offer to join her 2015 Cookie Exchange which I was thrilled to participate in.  So how does a cookie exchange work between friends who live thousands of miles a part ? You may be wondering....we all sent Duffy recipes which she compiled into a very thick Cookie Exchange Book! Then she mailed it to us! Such a treat to get so many wonderful time tested recipes to share with my own family and local friends. I think this is such a great idea.

 Duffy kindly also included the postcard and flyer for her Cycle Path Mystery Series which I had not heard of and am now excited to read! Geared for the Grave is out now
With Braking For Bodies coming out this Spring! (Only 105 more days to go!)
The third book in the series Tandem Demise is scheduled for 2017! Don't you just love the titles?
I am off to have a quick and quiet breakfast before the boys wake and order these two books!
Thank you for joining me for A cup of tea and cozy mystery.
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  1. I love Duffy Brown's Consignment Shop series so when I saw that new Cycle Path Mystery series I was excited. When I read it was set on Mackinac Island in my home state of Michigan and somewhere I have vacationed since I was a child I was thrilled. Breaking for Bodies is a great first book in this new series and I know you are going to love it. I have the second on my list to pre-order after the first of the year.

    1. I am so excited to read the first one it should be here in the next week or so!