Sunday, December 13, 2015

We Have A New Addition To The Family!

Yesterday we welcomed Mia into our family. She is a lovely 6 month old long haired tabby with the most easy going way about her.
She traveled in our laps for most of the long drive home, she seemed very interested in my sons IPAD.
She is already right at home and enjoying play time!
Squirrel is a tad put out by the entire thing but I hope she will come to relax around this very peaceful kitten.
When you start your day with fresh caramel apple scones from the oven, a book of wonderful poetry and the perfect cup of tea you think this might be the best part of your day, but for us yesterday it was when we had Mia placed in our care. She arrived with her name and we did not change it. She will hopefully come to enjoy joining me for tea and a cozy mystery. Thank you for joining me today in welcoming little Mia into our family and for stopping by for A Cup of Tea.