Monday, June 29, 2015

A Most beloved Tea Spoon...and Wish List!

This may sound odd to some but I have a favorite spoon, it doesn't match any of the spoons in my cutlery drawer but I am drawn to it more then any other. It is an ordinary spoon that I am sure my mother picked up at a yard sale and for some reason or another it ended up at my place when I helped my dad move to his apartment when he was ready to sell their home a few years after she passed away.
I have not always had a "connection" to this spoon but in the last few months there is an odd calm that comes to me when I grab it out of the drawer. Perhaps it is because it is more dainty then the chunky ones we have in our matched set or because of it's light weight but I can honestly say I love this spoon and if it were to disappear I would be quite sad. It fits the perfect amount of honey when I am sick, fits a Hersey's chocolate Kiss and even the right amount of ice cream I occasionally sneak.
I have thought about having it stamped like the ones I favorite on Etsy, actually I  consider filling my cutlery drawer with a few of these fun tea spoons. This one is from Bstamped Etsy Shop and one I really love. 
I am really looking forward to purchasing this beautfy! I am a big fan of Witch Mysteries and think this is perfect for my tea time and table. PrettyAgnes is going to be taking my money soon! 
Spoon Tracker Etsy Shop also has some lovely's like this one. There are so many spoons I would love to add to my collection. I think I need to start my Christmas Wish List early!
Do you have a favorite Spoon or a Vintage Tea Spoon Collection?
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery, I look forward to sharing another review with you soon!
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