Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Goodwill Blessings From My Seattle Day Trip

Monday I had more good fortune then bad, memories and meetings I shall treasure always. On my way home from visiting friends in Seattle I stopped in at their local Goodwill Store. I went first for the books and then to the teacup section. That is where I found this beauty.
I always run into a person or two who can not believe my luck so I am sharing with you the photos of the cup before I washed it so you can see the sale sticker as proof. I am and always will be a huge fan of Royal Albert China. I am so blessed to have found this cup as I have wanted it for years and it was clearly there for me to find along with this other lovely treasure.
This antique tea strainer was another wonderful find. I have looked at these on ebay for a while now and they can sell for up wards of $4,000. While I know my little treasure is not worth nearly that much I loved it's ornate details and it's $1.99 price tag!
If you are wondering how you would use this strainer allow me to explain. Long before tea bags loose tea was added to the teapot and the water poured over. This tea strainer was held over your teacup while your tea was being poured from the pot into your delicate cup, this strainer would catch the leaves and allow for easy clean up! So much prettier then the little silk bags that do not biodegrade!

I believe that things are placed in your path for a reason and if you have that opportunity you are meant to pick it up and carry it with you! I felt truly blessed with my findings for sure. Thank you to my wonderful friend and neighbor Jen who dropped off these amazing flowers from her garden for my table. Such a treat!
Thank you for joining me for A Cup of tea and my truly fun tea finds. I promise to be back with more mystery reviews soon.
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