Saturday, June 27, 2015

On My Table And In My Cup June 20th-27th

School is out, calm is in and the boys are home! That first cup of tea yesterday knowing that I did not need to rush and the fact that I slept in until 7 am was delightful. This past week has been so hurried and so rushed and at times I felt like I had the weight of the world on my table and my shoulders. It feels fantastic to have that week over and weight lifted.
I get restless when I do not have an actual paper book to read and took a trip up to the library this week where I joined the Adult Summer Reading Club and spun the racks for some wonderful titles. Buried in the Bog I read and completely fell in love with it's series and can not wait to read the rest in the series.

I will tell you that my little library I love has a great cozy section and some wonderful programs as well. It is also located in a tiny village called Edgemont about 10 mins from me and boasts a library, Starbucks, Davids Tea as well as fun shops and places for food. It has a wonderful small town cozy feel to it and is a place I delight in going too. If you are ever my way check it out or visit it virtually by clicking here. 
A wonderful surprise in my in box this week and now on my Ipad and on my table is Fatal Fairies, an up coming release from Joyce and Jim Lavene, such a treat to have it first and a fun renaissance village read! My review will be up very soon and I am so touched to have been selected to review it.
I love fairies, I always have so reading any cozy mystery where I can find mention is always welcome. I also love garden gnomes so if you happen to know of a folklore cozy featuring them do let me know!

Some truly beautiful cups graced my table this week and they are such a pleasure to use and share. On my table were vintage cups from Royal Standard (shown above),Royal Adderly, Adderly and Royal Albert all containing black teas I purchased Sunday from Neverland Tea Salon. They are currently my favorites. They have a black tea called Vanilla Ice Cream that is a wonderful afternoon treat and their Heavenly Creme is most often in my tea pot these days.
Thank you for joining me again this week for a recap of what has been on my table and in my cup. I look forward to sharing more tea, more reviews more crafts and more books with you again soon.
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  1. I love edgemont village. It has been a while since I been there though.

  2. I love having a book on your table, and having the tea you sent in my cup! Thank you!

  3. Lovely post Karin, and getting an ARC is always such a lovely surprise!