Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Sweet Ending For The Diva Steals A Chocolate Kiss

If you have not read The Diva Series by Krista Davis, You are truly missing out. This is a wonderful series I found at my local library when I was spinning the racks looking for something to catch my eye, I did not start with book one, The Diva Runs Out of Thyme, I actually started with and fell in love with The Diva Haunts The House. Then I went back and read them all, (all nine of them now)ordering them and pre ordering the most recent one The Diva Steals A Chocolate Kiss.
In this series main character Sophie Winston, who is an event planner as well as a domestic diva columnist in "Old Town" who shares custody of her dog with her ex-husband Mars, who happens to live down the street with Sophie's Childhood rival Natasha. There are so many wonderful characters and relationships in this series that could be called muddled at best but truly wonderful and rich friendships and experiences make this stories so incredible. You can not help but feel apart of the family, dysfunctional or modern you choose I love how these characters mix.  The In Diva Steals A Chocolate Kiss, this story is about family, loyalty, friendship and adversity with a lot of meddling, malice and a touch of murder oh and there is chocolate, lots of chocolate, truth be told I ate several chocolate bars this week, enjoyed far more then I should but none tasted as sweet as Krista Davis' latest Diva Mystery and Drama! Do yourself a favor Get this series, a bunch of your favorite chocolates and binge read to catch up. That way we can wait impatiently for the next story to publish, together.
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  1. I did get out my favorite bone china cup and saucer and took that special time for myself today. Not feeling well at all, but it made me relax and I did think of it as therapy. Thank you for suggesting it. I normally use my bone china mugs or some special tea designed regular mugs, but the bone china is the best and seems to make the same exact tea taste better right?? Hope your weekend is relaxing.

    1. Cynthia I am thrilled to hear this, keep doing it I promise you are worth it. I find the tea tastes better this way too. Enjoy!