Friday, June 5, 2015

Etsy Tea Signs...Some of my favorites I thought I would share. The Mystery Is Which One To Choose?

Today even though I am constantly in need of downsizing due to space I feel I should at least share with all of you like minded tea lovers some of my current Etsy Tea Sign Favorites. I would love to purchase each and everyone of these beautiful signs but as I currently can not, I thought some of you may like to look and bring some home for yourselves. As this is my motto I really love this little sign. Simple, true and made by Honeymeadows Etsy Shop, this sign comes in two sizes and wont break the bank at under $7, you can also choose how you want to have it! Click here for shop and listing.
I take this sign to heart and love the simplicity of this sign listed in MulberryCreek's Etsy Shop offered at $22.95 this sign and listing can be viewed by clicking here.
This sign made my list as it is exactly what I would put on my shop sign and window if I had one, this is a digital file for a crafty person that wants to make their own sign and put their own spin on it. You can view Rileyandmeprintables Etsy Shop by clicking here.
This is a laser cut sign from PSWeddingandEvents Etsy Shop and starting at $20 you can add this fun sign to your tea table. I love the whimsy of this sign, you can view it by clicking here.
Lastly today one of my most favorite signs is a customize-able wooden Tea Time Sign by PinkBootDesigns.  Surprisingly affordable and totally what I am looking for if only I had the time and the space! I think these signs would make anyone's tea time and home that much more special don't you?
Which is your favorite and why? I would love to know.
Thank you for joining me today for a cup of tea (Mine is Mint Refresher at time of writing) and a bit of tea time Etsy fun.
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