Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Obsession Patisserie-Bakery Macaron Review

My sister and her kids are visiting me from Montreal this month and my sister brought me a treat from her local Patisserie called Obsession in Chateauguay Quebec.

In a quiet moment to myself after a much needed nap (we were up all night, heat wave, late flight and no power at home made for a 2 hour sleep Monday morning) I opened this lovely little package of indulgence.
This little container makes taking these delicate cookies to go so much easier, all my take out macarons are cracked or smushed by the time I get them home. These were as perfect as when my sister picked them up and brought them 3,000 miles to my tea table.
Savoring these tasty bites with my Heavenly Cream tea from Neverland Tea Salon in Vancouver, I first had the Mocha ones, then the "oreo" flavored one and saved the S'more for last...each was a taste unique and complimentary to each other, three very rich and decadent cookies were such a treat!
If you happen to find yourself near Chateauguay Quebec I highly recommend stopping in and bringing these home to your tea tables.
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