Saturday, January 9, 2016

On my table and in my cup January 2nd to 9th

I would like to invite and welcome you to my table this first weekend of 2016. This first week is off to a very busy start, but a productive one as I have managed to read 4 books and review 3 of them this week! (The fourth review will be up tomorrow). On my table and in my tea pots this week I have stashed several weeks worth of chocolate, one has Hershey's Macadamia Kisses in it, not quite full anymore I am sad to say but wow these are delightful, Anna kindly brought me a Costco sized bag of them from Hawaii, which are going fast. In my tea cups this week I had more Heavenly Cream then anything else though I did have a nice peppermint tea and a cup of chai as well. But back to those books!
Four books in one week feels like a huge accomplishment to me and I am pretty sure I can thank Santa and all his helpers for the Dishwasher that arrived shortly before Christmas, thus making my life and spare time a lot more conducive to reading then standing over the sink. As I would several times a day washing away all my free time.  I started the year with Shamrock Shenanigans, by Kathi Daley, A weekend in Ireland is exactly what the doctor ordered! (You know now that the Doctor Who Christmas Marathons have sadly stopped playing on a loop)
Next up I read an Advanced Reading Copy of Lynn Cahoon's Murder on Wheels, Winter is the perfect time for a California based Cozy Mystery and when it is released early next month (February 2nd) you are sure to agree, I think we could all use some California sunshine right about now.
Next up was Last Dance by Joyce and Jim Lavene, such a treat to read such a timeless cozy by such a treasured duo, I can not wait to read the remaining books in this series. I loved so many things about this book, don't let the simple cover fool you, this is a brilliant read.
I finished Guilty as Cinnamon last night just before 10:00 pm, if you are a foodie or you live on or have ever traveled to the West Coast you are going to enjoy this book, I would love to tell you more but I am saving it for my review tomorrow. I can honestly tell you that I don't think I have ever read 4 book in one week before and I think my mother would have been proud.
Thank you for joining me for this week in review and for stopping by for tea, a great soup recipe and some fantastic cozy mysteries.
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