Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saturday Night Ghost Story, Sunday Morning Review

I found on Amazon Saturday afternoon Sarah Wynde's, A Gift of Ghosts (which was free as of time of posting) and it was an exceptionally good read!

This was the perfect cozy ghost story, with a lot more romance then I had bargained for but it truly fit the story. This is a very refreshing twist on a paranormal cozy. One that I can totally recommend. The main character Arika is a scientist through and through, but she also has a talent she is very reluctant to admit too or use.

This was the perfect Saturday night read! A first in series this Ghost Story/Cozy that makes you want to order and read the series. The cover is a wonderful reflection of the mystery that awaits and is exactly what a great cozy cover should be. My only regret with this book is that I did not have more time with it to photograph with my tea. I did how ever enjoy it immensely with pizza, ginger-ale and the sounds of the wet west coast winter rain on my skylights. Click here to order your own copy of this lovely cozy novel, a steal as it is FREE at time of publishing.
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