Saturday, January 2, 2016

Tea Cups of The Month I Would Love These For My Collection Wouldn't You?

Every now and again I think of adding the cups of the month to my collection. Royal Albert has a set I love and this one shown above January's Snowdrops is the best price I could find on Etsy. Offered at $20 US from Etsy Shop Cups Of The Past, this cup can be viewed by clicking here.
February's Violets is offered from Gaslight Treasures Etsy Shop at $21,95
The Whistling Man Etsy Shop has Feburary's cup Anemones offered at $18.17 
April which happens to be my birthday month is called Sweet Pea and is offered from Valeria Vintage for $24.55
May is Lilly of the Valley and is offered by Second Wind Shop at $39.50! 
June is a lovely pink roses from Allmystuff70 Etsy shop and is offered at $28.00 
July brings us to White Pearl Finds Etsy shop and this Forget Me Not Flower patterned beauty offered at $25.00 
The Scottsman Etsy Shop has August's poppy set offered at $19.99. I love the colors in this set don't you?
September's Daisy set is offered at $22.00 from MoltoBelle Etsy Shop
A spray of cosmos flower adorns Octobers cup offered at $35.50 from Tejidos Etsy Shop 
The Scottsman also has the November Chrysanthemum set offered at $18.51 
Finally December has arrived and is offered in shop at  Bright Daisy Days Etsy shop for $21.50 

Can you imagine what a fun tea party it would be to have each of these cups in your collection? I am lucky as I do have a miss-matched set of the December one, I actually like it with the yellow saucer but it would be lovely to have the full set!
I hope to have some wonderful new reads upon my table in the coming days and I hope you will join me again to see just what they are! Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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