Monday, January 18, 2016

Sunday With Sea Green by Alice Smithers

Sunday afternoon after I through kitchen cleaning I rewarded myself with what I thought would be a few chapters of Sea Green by 
I sat down to read Alice Smithers, Sea Green this afternoon and start to finish did not put it down.
A novel of new beginnings with complicated twists, drawing on figures from the past, the wonders of the mid-Wales landscape and intriguing romantic association, interleaved by the world of commerce, antiques and a lot of tea drinking: An impulsive Georgia Middleton launches phase two of her adult life, selecting an entirely new framework - city to countryside, landlocked to shoreline, married to single... Securing a modest Victorian villa on the edge of Cardigan Bay, expectant of a pleasant new existence beside the sea, she instead faces a perilous tailspin of events. She accepts a post with an unremarkable business in a small Welsh town and becomes unwittingly embroiled in political undercurrents. Turning to local activity for inspiration and new associations, this too brings complication. These conspiracies are strengthened by a stranger with an unaccountable obsession of her movements and not least, by her own unavoidable attraction to a casual acquaintance of cavalier mentality and burning charisma. Best put the kettle on...

It is thoughtfully written with characters you can relate too, a comedy of errors and gossip and even a great romance. A very good read, though not technically a cozy it does feel a lot like one. I loved the cover of the book and I do recommend this lovely book. Which can be ordered by clicking here   
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