Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Murder On Wheels A Delightful and Delicious Dessert Read

Fantastic and fun Murder On Wheels by Lynn Cahoon is. Out February 2nd this latest installment is so well written that I could not put it down, I read it all on Sunday night and savored each word with my chocolate cake!

I loved this story. I am a  fan of this series and love the characters. They are so real and relevant. The story and main mystery are brilliant and I love how Lynn Cahoon uses relevant and popular culture in her writing to make her story feel that much more realistic.

"The food truck craze has reached the charming coastal town of South Cove, California, but before Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—can sample the eats, she has to shift gears and put the brakes on a killer . . .

Can we talk about how much I love this cover for a moment! It has a perfect Californian Feel and goes very well with the story. We all need a good read this time of year to escape the chill of the long winter nights so I highly recommend you pre order Murder On Wheels and get that Warm California Feeling this February! Click here to order your own copy from Amazon.

I am now counting the days until book number 7 Tea Cups and Carnage comes out on June 7th! With a title like that you know I am going to be first in line to order this one! To learn more about this series and books by Lynn Cahoon please click here. 
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