Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tea With The Queen On A Dime And The Little Things That Count...

The mail man did not have a cozy for me in yesterdays mail but he did bring my Tea Time Magazine. This indulgent magazine is one I so look forward to. I used to drive 90 mins to the USA so I could pick it up, now I have it delivered, I feel like it is the most worth wild magazine one could invest in. I read it slowly and last night, I made cookies, set my table and read it with the Queen of England. Best part it only cost me a dime...
I feel like each tea time is special in it's own way and sometimes it is fun to do small things to make those tea times even more enjoyable, like tea with Her Majesty The Queen... 
So how does one have an audience with the Queen of England on a dime? Easy I had my favorite photo of her printed at Walmart (10 cents for one hour service at time of publishing) and came home and framed it using an existing frame (sorry David Tennant, I had to move you from my tea table for The Queen and Prince Philip) and set out my tea and magazine. It may not look like much to you but I think it is kind of fun.
I love this photo of The Queen, she is seen here smiling, moments after realizing that the guard is actually her husband Prince Philip. The photo makes me smile. You can of course find your own favorite photo and print as I have.

My mothers adoptive parents were British I grew up a Royalist. My grandfather would write me stories about the Royal Family coming to Canada and visiting me, he sent me post cards and books and magazines that showed the Royal Family and I have gotten out of bed to watch every major family televised wedding or funeral since the early 1980's.  I still today love the Queen, the entire royal family actually, but there is just something I enjoy so much about The Queen. So I chose to honor her and her husband with my evening tea.
I guess for me it is the little things, the little details, the things I do for myself that make the difference in each of my tea times, I do them for myself and they make me happy. The idea that you enjoy it too, sharing these ideas with you, multiplies that happiness.
If you are looking for a great Royal Family series Rhys Bowen writes the most marvelous series called The Royal Spyness Mysteries  , I highly recommend it, it is not set in current day but it is around the time just before the current queen's father takes the crown, just before her Uncle's abdication.

I look forward to getting  Tea Time Magazine to my table 6 times a year and if you want it to come to your home to your own table please click here to learn how you can subscribe.
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