Sunday, May 29, 2016

A Cup of Tea And A Cozy Short Mystery By Alice Loweecey

This past week I have not been fortunate to have many books on my table,  however this short story Changing Habits by Alice Loweecey truly hit the spot. Tuesday night after not having my mail for the second week (though my husband did get two packages he was waiting one) I turned to the wonderful kindle app and downloaded (for Free at time of posting) this Giulia Driscoll Mystery. It was outstanding, delightful, funny and warm, cozy for sure. Alice writes with quick wit, from a place of humor, understanding, love and faith.

Such a delight to have this short story on my table and oddly enough I pared this book with a tea called Choice, an organic chamomile and spearmint tea.  The tea was the perfect blend of mint and chamomile, refreshing for this muggy spring night and calming just the same. 
Knowing little about this series and Alice Loweecey personally, I find this tea to be quite ironically perfect to pair with this story. Life is about the choices we make, the risks we take and the quality of the time we choose to spend with others. 

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