Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Kittens, a Mother In law and more await you in Kathi Daley's latest book Kitten Kaboodle

I spent the very busy last weekend (It was a long weekend here in Canada) with Kathi Daley's book Kitten Kaboodle, so nice to spend the weekend with friends. So much happens in this book and cozy town it really felt like a great weekend get away, well except for the murder and all.  Kathi just has a way of writing that makes you feel so welcome, so comfortable and completely invested in the characters and fuzzy friends. It is such a delight to have this book on my table and now in my heart.

I don't know how Kathi does it each and every time but some how she has the right formula and balance in each of her books that draws me in every time. Her series are delightful and the best part is there are so many stories in them you will not be with out something to read for quite a while! If you are looking for an established series, to keep you entertained and engaged please visit Kathi Daley's website to learn more by clicking here.
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  1. Love all of Kathi Daley's books, and I agree, I don't know how she keeps writing such great books. Thanks for posting.