Monday, May 9, 2016

Killer Finds By Vicki Vass, An Antique Hunters Mystery You Wont Want To Put Down!

I finished Killer Finds by Vicki Vass this past weekend and it is a fab series. This is the third book in the Antique Hunters Mystery and a very exciting book at that. Vicki kindly sent this book and another book I am anxious to read and review for you as well. The Antique Hunters Mystery series is one I enjoy so much because the way Vicki writes the story you feel like you are apart of it, you are on the hunt, finding priceless treasures and connecting people to the past with orphaned antiques and a pair of best friends who through thick and thin close the deal and solve mysteries surrounding them, not just murder mysteries but the historical mysteries surrounding "relics and rejects". Each story line as been a roller coaster of excitement and filled with those moments you get when you watch Antiques Roadshow and they do the big money reveals!

Antique hunter Anne Hillstrom’s whirlwind shopping tour to Paris comes to a dead stop, as dead as the man sitting next to her on the plane. And to make matters worse, her identity has been stolen, leaving her to face her worst nightmare. She must sell all her precious antiques with the help of her business partner and co-blogger, CC Muller. Together, they open a pop-up antique store in the quaint suburb of Glen Ellyn Illinois. Their blog fans flock to the store looking to find that perfect treasure and so does a killer. When the Sweet Shop lady next door is found caramelized, the success of the pop-up sale turns bittersweet. Anne and CC dust off the clues, unraveling a centuries-old mystery that leads them to one conclusion. They must find the killer before the killer finds them.

You all know if you read my blog regularly that I find covers really important, this is the one series that made me re think my whole "Do judge a book by it's cover", I found the first cover too scary and had it not been sent to me I would not likely have picked it up as I am used to more cozy looking covers (thank you to Berkeley Prime for that) I will say that this Cozy Series deserved a sophisticated first cover, that I was wrong and that it not only fit the book it enhanced it. I think it is not secret though that given my affinity for the classic cozy cover, book three Killer Finds cover is my favorite!

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting this book. I haven't read any of this series, I'll have to check these books out.

  2. These are amazing books, don't stop writing I'm addicted

  3. Omg! This series sounds so good! I can’t wait to read! Thank you for sharing!