Saturday, May 28, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup May 21st-28th

It has been a really busy week and I have had only a few books on my table this week I read Kathi Daley's Kitten Kaboodle this week always a treat to have her books on my table, 
I was extremely delighted to find Alice Loweencey's Changing Habits, short story for my kindle app after no mail from the mail man (no books or packages for me in more then a week!) on Tuesday and my review will be posted here tomorrow.

I was thrilled to have Lorna Barrett stop by for a visit, her work is truly amazing and having her books in hardback is a real thrill for me, I splurge on them not wanting to wait for the paperback versions to come out. 

Also arrived this Wednesday, books to keep me busy through the weekend and into the next week or two. I finished Nikki Leclair's Haunting Me and will share my review in the next week as well. Some fabulous reads on this table!
Thursday my pre ordered paper back book called Witchy Mama by Melanie Marquis and Emily A. Francis arrived, this one I have so been looking forward to having in my hands! Great reference book, parenting guide and overall cool book!
This week I read 5 books which is a very good week of reading for me, having some June titles on my table early and now in my heart!
This morning I have woken up to the rain Vancouver is famous for, damp cold, grey, pounding huge drops of liquid sunshine. All of that can not dampen my enthusiasm for the book on my table this morning. I sat down to read Title Wave by Lorna Barrett last night and read a tad past my bed time until it was done. So many reasons this series is my most favorite. I can not wait to share some of them with you in my up coming review. Title Wave is out June 14th, I have it on order from The Book Depository as well, so to find it in a shipment this week for review was completely a surprise and delight! Looks like no baseball this morning but a long list of yard sales! Good thing I am not made of sugar, it is a batten down the hatches kind of morning. Enjoy your day!
I feel truly blessed to have had this week of reading and guests here on my blog. Thank you all for joining me here for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery week in review. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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  1. You've had a busy week. Thanks for all of your posts, they're always wonderful.