Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Release Day Celebration And Cup of Tea With Author Sarah Fox

Today is the release day for The Crepes of Wrath by Sarah Fox. I read, reviewed and so enjoyed this book in early June. This wonderful West Coast Cozy first in series has me really excited! I love that it is set not far from where I live and the idea of a community that loves and supports a small pancake house was very endearing! I asked Sarah to sit down and share a cup of tea with us today and talk about her book and writing process.

KMOT: What sustains you when you are writing? (Coffee, Tea, other)
SF: "Definitely tea! I also love chocolate, but I rarely have a writing sessionwithout a cup of tea."

KMOT: How long start to finish, idea to final draft went into The Crepes of Wrath?
SF: "Probably close to two years because The Crêpes of Wrath went throughseveral transformations before it became what it is today. I startedwriting the original version (which had nothing to do with a pancakehouse) in the spring of 2014 when I was still an unagented writer. In June2014, I signed with my agent. Once she'd sent my first mystery, DeadRinger, out on submission, I sent her my seaside cozy. After talking aboutmaking some changes, I rewrote it, but it still wasn't quite what wewanted it to be (I think at that point it was about a beachfront resort).Then we decided to centre the story around a seaside pancake house and itbecame The Crêpes of Wrath. While it went on submission to publishers as aproposal (first three chapters, a synopsis, and blurbs for the next twobooks in the series) I finished writing the latest version of themanuscript in between writing the books for my other series. So by thetime I had it polished and ready to turn in to my editor at Alibi for thefirst time, it was the beginning of January 2016."

KMOT: Where do you draw your inspiration from when writing?
SF: "Several places. I'm definitely inspired by other cozy mystery authors. Iread a lot of cozies and they're always inspiring me to write more of myown. I also get ideas from the world around me, including from things Ihear on the news or in conversation. Sometimes a particular place orexperience inspires me as well. I got the idea for my first mystery series(the Music Lover's Mysteries) from my years playing violin in schoolorchestras in Vancouver, and the setting for The Crêpes of Wrath wasinspired by one of my favourite vacation spots. Sometimes music sparksideas for me as well."

KMOT: There are not as many "West Coast" based cozy series, what made you choose
your story location?
SF: "I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and used to spend time each summer at abeach on Vancouver Island. I knew I wanted to write a seaside cozyinspired by that beach, so I created the town of Wildwood Cove. My agentthought publishers would be more open to a location in the US, so I justshifted the fictional town down across the border to the OlympicPeninsula." 

Thank you all for joining Sarah and I for tea today and thank you to Sarah for sharing a cup of tea with us and a bit about her new book The Crepes Of Wrath, available today! Click here to order your own copy from Amazon. 
Learn more about Sarah Fox by visiting her website when you click here.
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  1. I agree, great book! I can't wait for the next one!
    Nice interview as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Enjoyed the interview. This cozy sounds great.