Friday, August 5, 2016

A Tiger's Tale by Laura Morrigan, A Great Cozy Mystery!

I was so enchanted with Laura Morrigan's book Take the Monkey and Run that I knew I had to read the rest of the series. I was thrilled that my trusty library had a copy of A Tiger's Tale on hand. This was a wonderful story and the magic of the latest book is evident in A Tiger's Tale. Laura writes characters who are flawed and fabulous. I don't normally like to read books out of order but I enjoyed the Take the Monkey and Run story so much I could not wait to read the series and that doesn't happen very often to me.  A Tiger's Tale was thoughtfully written, a great mystery and a fantastic spin on a cozy mystery. This is the second book in the series and the second I have read. With it and the fourth book this has quickly become one of my favorite series to have discovered this year! Now to find and read book 1 and 3!
If you like cozies with a slight paranormal addition to the story and you happen to love animals you will truly enjoy A Tiger's Tale and Take the Monkey and Run.

"When a normally mellow tiger at a rescue facility trees a terrified vet, animal behaviorist Grace Wilde needs to use her psychic ability to get to the root of the problem A tiger can t change his stripes but if his behavior changes suddenly, there s a reason. So when even-tempered Boris the Siberian tiger goes into attack mode, Grace knows there s more to the story. Something is agitating the big cat. As she uses her telepathic ability to calm the tiger, she realizes he has witnessed a theft not of somethingbut of someone.Ateenaged volunteer at the animal rescue facility has been taken kidnapped. The problem is Brooke Ligner s parents believe their troubled daughter ran away and Grace can t exactly reveal her source. Even though sexy cop Kai Duncan is aware of Grace s secret ability, he can t initiate an investigation based on the word of a tiger. Now, as Grace searches for solid clues to rescue the missing teen, it s the human predators she ll need to watch out for "

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  1. Thank you so much! Can I say I'm happy you enjoyed the book, but am equally stoked that Tiger was in your library. I grew up to fall in love with libraries and am always giddy to know my books are in them!!

    1. I am thrilled to have you stop by! I love that my awesome library has so many wonderful cozies and not sure if you know but my library is in Canada don't you think it is so amazing how far your words reach? I think it is amazing!