Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Vickie Fee's It's Your Party, Die If You Want To, A September Release To Pre Order!

Thursday afternoon the mail man brought me Vickie Fee's 2nd in the Liv and Di Mystery series to review called "It's Your Party, Die if You Want To". I was thrilled to be sent this advanced reading copy and quickly set to work. I love that this cozy is set in the fall, which Is my favorite time of year and I am so looking forward to it! Sorry if you are a summer person I am very much a jeans and sweater person.
This Southern based small town mystery series was exactly what I needed to read this weekend. The story captures the busy lives of event planner Liv McKay and her mail-lady best friend Di. I felt like a weekend guest and like I belonged with the ladies on their retreat. I quickly felt engaged in the story, like I was right there with them in the thick of it with the events that Liv had exquisitly planned. I began thinking of myself as a valuable member of the reluctant sleuth team of Liv and Di, almost as if  we were a team "Liv, Di and Kare!". I loved the creative themes for each event and I did not figure out who did it before the big reveal. I appreciated that this mystery was more then 300 pages, I did not want my time with Liv and Die to be over so soon, I will truly be looking forward to the next one! It's Your Party,Die If You Want To is out September 27th! 
" Between a riverboat gambler-theme engagement party and a murder mystery dinner for charity, Dixie, Tennessee, party planner Liv McKay is far too frenzied to feel festive. Add to the mix her duties at the annual businesswomen’s retreat and the antics of a celebrity ghost-hunting diva, and Liv’s schedule is turning out to be the scariest thing about this Halloween—especially when the ladies stumble across a dead body in a cemetery…   Morgan Robison was a party girl with a penchant for married men and stirring up a cauldron of drama. Any number of scorned wives or frightened philanderers could be behind her death. As Liv and her best friend, Di, set out to dig up the truth, they’ll face the unexpected and find their efforts hampered by a killer with one seriously haunting vendetta…"
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  1. I can't wait to read this one, I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for sharing.