Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pumpkin Picking With Murder by Auralee Wallace

Sunday morning I was up before 5 am and finishing Pumpkin Picking with Murder. I have to tell you that this 2nd book in series is just as wonderful and funny as the first one. Otter Lake is a very exciting place well at least when main character Erica comes home for a visit. Erica and her best friend Freddie have one of the most fun cozy mystery friendships I have ever encountered. I laughed and enjoyed myself reading their antics and adventures. I loved learning more about Otter Lake and watching the characters grow and their relationships unfold in this fun and fast passed cozy mystery. I wish Otter Lake and its cast of undeniably colorful characters not only existed but that  I could pick up and move into one of the cabins at Erica's Moms retreat! There are some very memorable lines in this cozy and the humor stays with you. This is not just a feel good cozy this is a fun cozy, completely relevant and top notch! Auralee Wallace's Pumpkin Picking With Murder comes out August 30th and is one you will not want to miss.

I was sent this book to review and this is a book I have to own in paperback too. So I have ordered a paper back copy from The Book Depository for my shelf as a trophy and a reminder of what a great cozy reads like! I also love the simple and colorful cover of this book. This is a series I hope continues for a very long time!
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