Monday, August 15, 2016

Costume Catastrophe by Kathi Daley

Kathi Daley's books are delightful. I was thrilled to receive and read Costume Catastrophe on Friday. Start to finish in under 2 hours, speed reading I was not, but on an adventure I was. Kathi writes such fun characters and this one I did not figure out the mystery until she beautifully reviled it. I loved the way this mystery unfolded, the way I was not able to figure it out until the end and how much I enjoyed my time with all the familiar characters in this picturesque Hamlet! Main character Zoe has an unlimited supply of love and support for her family and family of friends. Energy that is unmatched and sleuthing abilities that are like a sixth sense.

 If you are new to cozies or if you have loved them forever check out Kathi Daley's Zoe Donovan Mystery Series. 

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