Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flanagan's Dolls by Warren Adler

Tuesday night I read Flanagan's Dolls by Warren Adler. As a doll lover I jumped at the chance to read this book by acclaimed author Warren Adler, with a cover like this who could blame me! I did not know what to expect with this cozy and I will admit the cover of the book both intrigued me and scared. Not the normal cozy covers I am used too. The story however is a good one. The mystery behind the dolls and the family that owned them was complicated and well layered. I found myself constantly questioning motive and opportunity along with Flanagan himself! The characters are well developed and interesting. I have been asked on social media is this really a cozy mystery, and yes it is, though the main character is a male, it still has the feels that cozies create.  I love the dog companion in this story and of course as a doll lover, the healing power of doll play. Even if you are not a doll lover but a mystery fan you will be delighted with Flanagan's Dolls.

Josh and Emily Flanagan return to their hometown in upper Michigan where they open a funky antique shop which they hope will provide a sane and comfortable retirement. Both have pursued successful careers in Manhattan, she as an appraiser of antiques for an auction house, and he as an insurance adjuster in the field of art and antiques. But when a man arrives seeking to purchase an antique doll for his ailing grandchild, the Flanagans unintentionally open up a Pandora’s Box of hidden family secrets and intrigue that results in bitter hostility and murder. Josh and Emily, through brilliant deduction and imaginative enterprise discover the clues that lead to the solution that lies at the heart of this mystery.

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