Saturday, August 27, 2016

On My Table And In My Cup August 20th-27th

Saturday and what a week it has been, I have actually been home now since Monday, what a great time I had! I love to go away but there is something about being home I think is fantastic and that I truly miss. My cat Squirrel seems to be the most put out by my leaving, though I hope she has mostly forgiven me now. We were in the State of Oregon, my husband and I. It was a great get away.  We left the boys and the cats at home and headed for the eclectic and fun bookstores, fresh air of the Pacific North West and even got to fulfill a life long dream of visiting and being inside a lighthouse.

 A dream trip for sure and only about 6 hours from my home. Quite a delight for sure. I also had the great fortune to visit the Stash Tea Store and now I am wishing I bought way more then I did. I can order on line but the shipping will kill me! The Portland loose leaf Stash Blend was way beyond my expectations and perfectly reflects the state. You can taste the culture and the communities, the quirkiness and the sweetness of great outdoors in each sip. Click here to see how you can order your own from the Stash Tea Website.
Monday we arrived home and waiting for me was Jessica Estevao's Whispers Beyond The Veil.  I am looking forward to reading this one.
Also waiting for me when I got home but on my Kindle App was Warren Adler's cozy mystery Flanagan's Dolls. This book is out now and as a Doll lover this book appeals to me.
Tuesday's mail brought some lovely treasures from my friend Lisa! I love the napkins and watching my TBR pile grow!
Wednesday the mail man dropped off 8 more lovelies to my pile. Not hard to dive into this bunch. I am so excited to read some familiar series and some that are totally new to me. So hard to know where to start! Great problem to have!

Thursday brought me my friend Lisa's suggestion of Susan Bernhardt's The Ginseng Conspiracy! Good friends, tea, pastries and set at Halloween this one looks really good! I hear it is also out in paperback now too!
Friday no mail came but that is just as well. I have a very full and thankful table at the moment. Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy week in review. I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at


  1. So many exciting books to read! Do you just buy them all outright or do you participate in some sort of a book exchange? I always hate to see the books I've finished just sitting lonely in a pile.

    1. Hi Marie, I am very lucky to be send advanced reading copies of some cozies, I buy quite a few myself, even when I have been sent the books in advance, this way I still support the series I love! I do participate in book exchanges about 5 times a year and I put a cozy free library at my door as well as bring books to my library that my library puts into circulation. I keep my favorites on a shelf by my desk, they are like reading trophies to me, buying as many as I do, I don't feel bad keeping them and sharing the other ones! I am so thrilled to have you stop by!

    2. I'd just been thinking of trying to find Little Libraries around me and leaving some books there. Good idea! :-)