Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Trip To Oregon and A Review Of Kate Dyer-Seeley's Pacific Northwest Mystery Series!

For the last week I have been traveling, a bit of a cozy adventure get away with my husband, to Portland Oregon. This week long get away was a delight and I am thrilled to say it was full of trips to the book store and lots of time reading in the hotel room to beat the 40 degree (80's for my American readers).

Oregon has some amazing book stores and on our first night here I went to the Book Bin in Salem (South of Portland) to meet and listen to author Kate Dyer-Seeley (AKA- Ellie Alexander). While my cozy best friends have all read her work for me this adventure was brand new and I tracked down her books at the book stores down here to read on our trip.

 I had intended to read the Bake Shop Mystery series but it was the way that Kate talked about both her series that endeared me to the Scene of the Climb her first book in the Pacific Northwest Mystery Series.  This is the first book in a three book series with the 4th book coming out in December. I finally tracked a copy down at my 6th book store and second Powell's books location.
You can order your own copy of Scene of the Climb from The Book Depository with free shipping by clicking here.
I truly enjoyed reading this on my trip. Being in the state it was written about made the book even more alive. The characters are well developed the setting, theme and mysteries are so good and so well researched that you can tell that this story is written by someone who truly loves and grasps the feel and energy of this state. I was very impressed to meet Kate and delighted by her humor, talent and energy. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the great outdoors, and to anyone who loves the great outdoors from the comfort of their reading chair like I do! I really enjoyed main character Meg and her friends, I can relate to her less then athletic abilities and her clumsiness. I believe that this is a series I will happily read and enjoy for many books to come.
To learn more about this series please click here for Kate Dyer-Seeley's Website. 

On a tea note, Stash tea is located in this area and I may have filled my bag with lovely teas to enjoy, shown here is one of the new to me varieties I chose while in store. Lavender Tulsi was a lovely herbal tea, refreshing and invigorating this tea is made with Tulsi (Holy Basil) and lavender like its name and it does taste like heaven!

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