Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Witch Who Couldn't Spell By Katie Penryn

Earlier in the week I saw on Facebook that Katie Penryn's British Paranormal Cozy The Witch Who Couldn't Spell was a special price and I was so intrigued by the title I quickly ordered it. I am Dyslexic and I love that main character Mpenzie is also dyslexic, her struggles with reading are only part of the challenges facing this stoic main character. While I really enjoyed her back story there is so much that goes on in this book I did find it hard to keep up at times but I am glad I stuck it out. I believe that this could be a great series and it has a lot of charm. I wished that Mpenzi was not as reluctant to accept her witch craft back ground but the story about how she comes to finally embrace her history is worth the read.

Mpenzi Munro’s life changes forever when a mysterious parcel arrives from her father’s lawyers. Penzi has been looking after her two younger brothers for the past seven years in their home in Notting Hill Gate, London – ever since their mother ran away to find herself. The strange parcel contains amongst other documents her absentee father’s Last Will and Testament. The children’s inheritance depends upon Penzi’s moving the family to France, to her father’s old holiday home. No one wants to make the move least of all Penzi who has recently established herself as a barrister with a starter portfolio of clients, but move they must. With a few hiccups along the way they arrive at Les Dragons in Beaucoup-sur-mer to find a nasty surprise awaiting them in their garden and threatening the liberty of their newly found mother. Penzi needs all her resources to set her mother free, even those she has denied all her life, and so she has to decide whether to accept her witchiness or not

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