Friday, March 24, 2017

Hidden Treasure At The Cat Nip Hotel by Luna Snow

I read Hidden Treasure At The Cat Nip Hotel by Luna Snow and it left me with a wonderful warm and cozy feeling. This is a sweet cozy mystery short, reads easy and is a beautiful blend of romance and mystery but not at all typical. The romance is the mystery, tied up in a beautiful story. The only fault I could find with this book was two spelling errors 63% of the way through. I am in no way the grammar police and would not normally mention it but for some I think it may be a big deal. This book made me happy, gave me a warm feeling and the desire to read more. I would not hesitate to read another in this series. This book is 87 pages long and at the time or reading it it was a free amazon cozy. Click here for link to the book.

Bea Traverne, the famous author, recluse and cat lover has died, leaving her old and rambling house and contents to her great niece -Eleanor Hamilton. With five cats and an old mansion to look after Eleanor wonders what she should do, and finally decides to open a Cat Lovers Hotel. Bea has also left her great niece a draft of her final novel -yet to be published. When the strange Reginald Williams arrives and asks for a room in the hotel it is just the start of her adventure. The old eccentric man has a psychic gift and can hear the dearly departed Bea Traverne speaking to him from beyond the grave. What messages are the spirits sending? Is great aunt Bea's last book purely fiction and what exactly did happen to the Lost Blue Diamond of Jaipur? Not all is as it first appears in this cozy mystery full of intrigue, romance and of course cats!

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