Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Ghost Whisperer by Charity Tahmaseb

The Ghost Whisperer by Charity Thamaseb, gave me chills for all the right reasons and the warm cozy feeling you need at the end of a cozy mystery. This is book 3 in the Coffee and Ghosts series, one I purchased a few weeks ago and I am indulging in. Having bought the first series of 5 stories, I am spreading them out so the stories each stay with me just a little longer.
I love main characters Katy and Malcolm, and I how they use coffee and tea to catch ghosts. This story had a great pull and I love how this story came to an end. A very quick read, perfect for coffee breaks and a quick pot of tea. I think this is the perfect length for when you need a story diversion on the go.

Coffee & Ghosts is a cozy paranormal mystery/romance serial told over five episodes. The Ghost Whisperer is the third episode.When it comes to the supernatural, Katy Lindstrom--ghost hunter and expert coffee brewer--always knows what to do. Give her five minutes and some excellent Kona blend, and she’ll trap your ghost.Katy is completely unequipped when a mysterious and beguiling ghost whisperer floats into town. The so-called Mistress Armand charms away Katy’s clients and accuses her of ghost cruelty. At the town-wide séance, nearly everyone falls under the ghost whisperer’s spell--including Katy’s business partner, Malcolm. 

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