Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Arsenic and Old Books, Why I Should Have Bought This Book And Read It Sooner!

I just finished reading Arsenic and Old Books. I am kicking myself for waiting this long and for not ordering this book when it came out as a hardback book. The writing, story and talent of Miranda James (Dean James) is certainly worth the price of this book. I will not make the mistake again of waiting so long to read the next book in this series.
I waited on a fairly long waiting list at the library to get a hold of this book which came out in February 2015 and I savored every word of this story and the short story that accompanied it. Miranda James Cat In The Stacks series is an incredible read and if you have ever read my blogs here or seen a photo of my cat Squirrel then you may know that it was this series that led to our family adopting her from our local shelter. Though not a  Maine Coon, she is very much an intuitive cat and reminds me of Charlies cat Diesel.
This story was such a good mystery, two mysteries actually tied up in one that I not only was guessing up until the end of the book but had me spinning in circles trying to figure the story out. The story centers around old prominent families seeking political gains. Like in all great political races there is fair amount of bud to be slung, but finding out who was doing the slinging added to the great mystery that Miranda James wrote. The history and the fiction intertwined so naturally and unfolded beautifully.
I feel I owe a great deal of thanks to Miranda James (Dean James) for this wonderful series and my wonderful and constant companion Squirrel. I also feel like I owe him the money for the book I read and checked out of from my library! I think I may need to send him a thank you card with cash!

On the other hand my library was where I found Miranda James (and all of Dean James' books) and I have read and purchased what I could not get my hands on so I thank the library for helping me find Miranda James and Dean James as well as  Charlie and Diesel. So next book in this series I will order and be able to put on my shelf as a trophy and a testament to the wonderful series and friend I found because of Miranda James and my library!
To order Arsenic and Old Books or any of Miranda James works (or Dean James as well) please click here. 
To learn more about this series and visit the official website of Miranda James please click here.
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  1. I hadn't heard of this. I'll add it to my list.

  2. Thanks for telling me how great this book is. I love cozy recommendations.