Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Canada Day! A Few Morning Tea Photos and A Witchy Review!

Today is Canada Day! I love this holiday and it is our 148th year as the nation of Canada. We will celebrate this morning with a parade and later with Fireworks. First I wanted to share a review of Any Witch Way You Can by Amanda Lee. I was looking for something to read the other night but nothing was sticking by way of paper back from the library or a friend so I turned to my Kindle app and was very pleased to have found, read and enjoyed any Witch Way You Can. This is not a series I had read before and really is one I am looking forward to reading more of. On the surface it is a story about a family of witches, dig a bit deeper and it is a story about a very dysfunctional family of Witches, Read more then the first chapter and you feel like you belong in that very dysfunctional and highly hilarious family of strong women and a main character with a brilliant mind and a knack for timing. If you love witch mysteries this is a great book, it has everything you could possibly want in a cozy, great setting, witches, ghosts, bikers, FBI and so much more! Click here to add Amanda Lee's Any Witch Way You Can to your Kindle App. At time of publishing this story is offered at $.84! STEAL OF A DEAL!
Now for some morning fun photos! This is me at the last Canada Day Parade, looking back it has been an incredible year, so much has happened and so much has changed I hope that you get a chance to spend the day with people you love and surround yourself with friends and family! It is really hot here right now and this parade is going to be a scorcher!
This year I have some house guests with some pretty cute manners. My nephew Ethan joined me for tea and yes I let him have the good china too! This is actually a wonderful set gifted to me from a friend recently it is called Maple Leaf Tartan. I was made in 1964 by Royal Adderley for the Centennial in 1967. It has the most lovely shades of Autumn Colors of Canadian Maple leafs and Canadian Tartan featured on the saucer and the cup.
Letting a toddler use the good china and encouraging this interaction is important and priceless! I loved sharing this time with him, keep in mind that he is a toddler so tea time did not last long before he was off and running again but I have these lovely memories and photos of that time to share.
In my very patriotic and beautifully designed tea cup this Canada Day is my current favorite Canadian Tea Company Neverland Tea Salon's Black Tea called Heavenly Cream Tea.
I hope where ever you find yourself today you enjoy yourself and if you are Canadian like me I hope you will get out and enjoy all your community has to offer on this our National Holiday!
Thank you for joining me for a cup of tea and a cozy mystery this morning.
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