Saturday, July 25, 2015

On My Table and In My Cup July 18th To July 25th

As I sat down to write this mornings post the skies opened and the rain is coming down in the perfect summer storm. The sky is mostly blue of to the west so I know it will be a passing shower but the water is jumping from the road so high and the flowers and I am so thankful for this much need rain.
This week I have had mostly my kindle app on my ipad on my table. Still awaiting what I am certain is now a lost order. I have checked with the local post office and they are not holding my mail so it is either lost and forgotten in the Vancouver Depot or simply not going to arrive. This happened in January and it was three months before they found it. I am so frustrated and wish that our mail system here in Canada was half as reliable as that of my American friends and would love to have the customer service that my British Friends receive.
Also on my table and now in my stomach was delightful treats from the UK, I have only 1/2 tin of the Clotted Cream Shortbread from West Minster Abby left and have enjoyed every bite of shortbread my sister and her husband kindly brought back.
I am now on the second cup of tea this morning and the passing shower has mostly passed I do believe I will try to get a few more chapters read in my ARC of Killer Jam.
and then I hope to start Jim and Joyce Lavene's first in a new series called
Give em Pumpkin To Talk About out Aug 4th!
I hope you have a wonderful Saturday and that you find time to read. Thank you for joining me for a week in review of what has been on my table and in my cup this week.
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