Sunday, November 1, 2015

3 Vintage Teacups From My Sister In Law's Shop Pink Dahlia Studios On Etsy

Full disclosure, my sister in law has an Etsy Shop called Pink Dahlia Studios and today I am sharing some of my most favorite Autumn Colored Tea Cups Currently Listed in her shop. I love the Salmon Swirl Aynsley Teacup very elegant and simple! Listed at $24 click here to view more photos of this stunning set. 

This is an Elizabethan yellow, white and gold floral pattern set that would impress on a harvest themed tea table for sure! Offered at $26 click here for shop and listing.

Another Aynsley I simply love is this cobalt blue orchard fruit set. This blue is spectacular  in photos and even better in person. I may have to stop over and steal this one! This set is from the 1960's and likely my most favorite in her shop at present. To view this teacup or any of her current cups for sale please click here. 
I have always loved a tea party and a beautiful tea set as you can see from my baby photos!
Going over to my sister in laws is so much fun because I can look over everything in her china cabinets and they are impressive! I really enjoy the beautiful and collectible sets she has and am fortunate to borrow a few from time to time when my own collection is in need of a new treasure! Thank you for sharing A cup of tea and cozy mystery with me today and I hope you enjoy my sister in law's shop!

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