Friday, November 6, 2015

A Cautionary Tale Buyers Stay Clear of Ebay Seller ideal887 A Very Dishonorable Seller!

I love to take photos of my tea and books I am reading as you know and I try to find fun items to put in my photos that match what I am reading sometimes. I set out to find some fun photo props to use on Ebay. I found a fun crystal ball that was not too expensive and the photos looked great. I purchased it from Seller ideal1887  and waiting for my item to arrive. It was sent promptly and it arrived two days ago. It looks nothing like the photos shown and when I contacted the ebay seller they were very unapologetic and offensive. The item they advertise is shown here below.
Please note the sizes in the persons hand. Now look at what I received.

Now look at what they advertised it as...
Tell me does what I got look like what they advertise?
After several conversations with this seller, it is clear to me that they do this all the time and that people complain but they justify what they do with this quote. 
"NOTE: the product in the picture maybe larger than actual one, Please check the size before bidding !!!"" This is posted in their store in fine print and this happens all the time.They have it there for a reason clearly and are allowed to continuallyget away with it and it is wrong. 
I have since closed my case with them preferring to share my displeasure with their shop the honest way,by giving them the feedback they deserve.  I gave them a chance, they offered me 20 cents back then 50 for "My mistake"
It was never about the money it is about principal and admitting that they use false photos of the items they sell and they get away with it.  They could have given me my money back and it would have been over but but instead they chose to insult me over the course of several messages and never would admit their fraudulent ways dishonesty. So I will leave it up to you to decide if you think I got what was advertised...
Karen's Tip of the day stay clear of shop:

Top-rated seller

98.9% Positive feedback- I highly doubt it!
I digress buyer beware and on a positive note I think I have found another wonderful plot for a Cozy Mystery to write! I shall now seek out the right people to cleanse the bad "juju" from the ball before I use it in anymore photos or I will just get a new one from an honorable shop.

Thank you for joining me for A Cup of Tea and A Cozy Mystery Yet To Be!
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