Tuesday, August 22, 2017

From Ice To Ashes by Author Jessica Simon

Over the last week I read From Ice To Ashes by Jessica Simon. This book was unlike any mystery I had ever read before. 

This adventure mystery is set in the Yukon Territory of Canada near the Alaskan border, in February, during an endurance race called The Yukon Arctic Ultra , (which is a real race by the way!) . The Yukon Arctic Ultra race is a race through the arctic tundra, spanning up to 430 miles beginning in Whitehorse, Yukon . It is a multiday marathon with three disciplines, mountain bike, Cross Country Skies or on foot! This is the toughest Ultramarathon in the world and temperatures drop upto -50 and then there is the wind chill to consider.

 The book focuses on those putting the race on, the organizers and the volunteers, as much as the contestants.  The gripping story line of  a potential terrorist attack being carried out during the race coupled with the relationship between Auxiliary RCMP member Markus Fanger and his unlikely partner, young offender and juvenile delinquent Donjek Stoneman will have you turning the pages and not wanting to put this book down.  I was blown away by the way Jessica unfolded the mystery, the story and described in  glorious detail of the beauty, mystery and rugged terrain of the Yukon. I am in awe of the idea of a race such as this, throw in some very tough and strong characters and a mystery that feels ripped from the headlines and you have From Ice To Ashes.  I will say this author Jessica Simon tells a great story and is very careful to be respectful in the way she delivers the story, respectful to the people of the Yukon, those who are first nation aboriginal and to the Muslim community. She represents the  North extremely well!  This book had my heart  pumping, my feet freezing and me not wanting to put it down.  I feel like I learned about the Yukon, I learned about perseverance, endurance and personal strength in the face of adversity. This was a very impressive read.

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