Saturday, August 5, 2017

On my table and in my cup July 29th to August 5th

My dear friends,  thank you for joining me on this week's cup of tea and week in review.  This is a photo from my table this morning and the first cup of tea I have had since last Saturday. What a week it has been. I do not believe that I have ever been quite this sick. It all started last Saturday when I thought I was having trouble with asthma and by 6 pm it became quite apparent that I had more than just an Asthma attack. I had a very high fever that  would not be suppressed much by tylenol or advil.  By the early hours of Monday morning I found myself in hospital having tests, I will not forget the nurse who was with me that first visit as while she was trying to assess me she said "I don't know what to do" and promptly sent for a doctor, I have never been seen so fast in emergency,  after a battery of tests including a CT scan it was determined that I have pneumonia.  All I could think was who gets pneumonia in July?  By morning they thought they had me all sorted and I was sent home with antibiotics, hours later I would find myself getting worse, the fever ever higher and it was determined I required hospitalization again.  More tests, done to make sure I had no blood clots, more xrays done to see that it had indeed gotten worse not better. All I seemed able to do was sleep and give blood.  Friday I had marked improvement on the  fever front, having not had one in 24 hours and the decision was made to send me home to recover. I was told it may take the better part of 5 weeks to recover from this pneumonia. I have also sadly been advised that it is best I not travel at this time and I will miss the writers conference I was so looking forward to attending in Calgary next week, When Words Collide. It makes me very sad to miss this event.  I never had pneumonia before, it is not something I would wish on anyone. I am grateful to my amazing friends and family who stepped up to help this week. I am grateful for all the support, flowers, soup, teas, (New mug I love too) calls, emails, messages and posts of support on social media.  I picked a free witchy cozy to start last night and am happily progressed to chapter 13. Now on my second cup of tea, I am starting to feel more like me.

"Friends seem to be like aspirin, we really don't know why they make a sick person feel better but they do"- Letty Cottin Pogrebin 1939 American writer.

Thank you for joining me here for a cup of tea and a week in review. I promise to catch up to my more than 1500 email, messages and get back to reading and reviewing daily here with you very soon.

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  1. Karen, Sorry to hear you will miss the conference, I know how much you were looking forward to it. BC Mom on my FB too had Pneumonia just a few weeks ago and like you was like, how does one get this in the summer?! So evidently we can and do. Wishing you well and strong quickly and please finish off those supplements I gave you, they will help you get strong again and ward off any new bugs! :-)

    1. P.S. And don't go right back to your old busy ways! Take it easy! I'm happy to come over and help you with your household chores as is Jilian. My BC Mom had to go back to hospital in Merritt yesterday!

  2. Hi Karen and Kathi
    Carol Smith

  3. Hi Karen and Kathy Peggy clayton

  4. Hi Karen & Kathi. Blessings!

  5. Hi Karen & Kathi!

  6. What an ordeal!! So happy you're on the mend. Pace yourself and make sure you're completely well before you go back to your routine. Wishing you all the best. ( :

  7. Hi Karen and Kathi! minishoes(at)msn(dot)com