Saturday, August 12, 2017

On My Table and In My Cup August 5th -12th

On my table this week I have had so may wonderful things, while I have largely been sleeping on the couch and not awake more than 4 hours a day, I have been truly spoiled. I am starting to feel better, more like myself but with an exhaustion I never imagined possible and I have been tired for 16+ years. I honestly don't remember sleeping this much ever.  I am slowly getting back to what I love and enjoy.
My sister her family and my father have been traveling in the UK for the last few weeks, my father returned earlier this week with a care package from my sister filled with some lovely delights from Fortnum and Mason. Jams, Lemon curd and the most wonderful Cranberry Black Tea which I fell in love with when my mother in law brought me a tin a few years back.

My dad brought me back some Westminster tea, matching tea towel, magnet and a lovely bookmark that says Owen on it from Westminster Abby, I also got a magnet from Paris as well. Like I said spoiled.
I read a few books this week, not much else I have been up to, I enjoyed A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler, a cozy I downloaded free from Amazon. It was a lovely read and distraction.
I read through Crystal Paine's Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, a book I bought on Amazon when I was in the hospital. This one has some great tips on organization and prioritization. Some of the suggestions are things I already do so it was more of a affirmation for me, it does however have more religious based tips than I would normally choose to read.
I have started a new Wednesday feature called Witchy Wednesday. In my research and curiosity about witches and witchcraft I have the opportunity to read and review books that pertain to a passion of mine. I hope to someday write a series about witches that are true to their nature and share what I love most about it. Growing up I loved Bewitched, Mary Poppins and as I grew, professor Minerva McGonagall from Harry Potter. These qualities of witches I hope will form a great series that is playing in my head and hope to oneday get published for all to read.  Hedge Witch Book Of Days is a great read and one that I am thrilled to have found at Powell's Books. In answer to a question I often get asked, yes I do buy my own books, while I am lucky to review many as ARC, I do still buy and read books of my own choosing.

I feel very lucky when I get selected to read ARC of series I have fallen in love with. Ellen Byron has a great Cajun Country Mystery series with characters you will come to think of as family.  Reading about Christmas in August was a lovely escape for me, my only regret is I have to wait that much longer for her next book!  This one I enjoyed and delighted in.
I will have my review of Julianne Holmes  book Chime and Punishment for you tomorrow. Spoiler alert I could not put it down. More on that tomorrow.
 I have just started Victoria Laurie's 15th Book in the Psychic Eye series, this book is out now as I am behind in my reviews and a series I have enjoyed for years.
 In my cup this week I have been enjoying the Fortnum and Mason Cranberry Black tea,
Stash Mellow Moments Tea, really enjoying this one.
As well as my old standby my favorite Murchie's Vanilla Black tea.
The winner of our Granny Hooks A Crook book by Julie Seedorf was Laurie Iglesias. Thank you to all who entered.

Oh and I almost forgot! I made a Friday Spotlight Video click here for a link to the video on my channel. 
Thank you for taking the time to join me for a cup of tea and a week in review.  I would love to hear from you so please leave me a comment here or email me at

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