Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler

I finished A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler last night , this was a free book I got on  which is free at time of this review. I do love a witch cozy mystery and they are hard to resist. I found I really enjoyed this cozy. I love a story with a great family and the Grant sisters and their grandmother make for an interesting read. Not the most skilled witches, but delightful and funny. Harper can't do spells (though it is debateable if her sister and grandmother can as well) her witchy power comes in talking with ghosts. This small town, diner working, ghost talking witch knows how to find herself in hot water for sure. I enjoyed the mystery, did not quite have it figured out and think that witchy cozy mystery readers would enjoy this story as much as I did. 
I am not a huge fan of the cover but it did get my attention. Thank you to Lisa K and Lin Butler for trying to share a copy with me when I was in the hospital, I was able to download it from our Canadian site when I got home. A great read when I needed it, perfect read while you are sidelined on the couch with pneumonia. 

The small town of Abbott Cove holds a secret… It’s home to the Grant family of witches! Harper Grant is happy working at Archie’s Diner as she tries her best to avoid the attentions of the town’s gossips. However, when a body turns up during Abbott Cove’s annual festival, she begins to realize her family isn’t the only one hiding secrets. With the help of the new swoon-worthy police officer, Joe McGrady, Harper finds herself on the trail of the perpetrator. Will Harper uncover the killer’s identity before it’s too late? 

You can find A Witchy Business by D.S. Butler *Free at time of posting on Amazon by clicking here 

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